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A typical day begins at 5.30 sharp. However, I pride myself on not being typical, so my day starts when I have my first cup of medium-roast coffee. This is followed by a nice hot shower and a brief listen to some of my favorite music to get me psyched up for the day.

A good breakfast should be what follows, but I’ve just never had a morning appetite, so a random fruit usually gets me through much of the morning before Hazel blesses the team with her toasted sandwiches or Cath brings baked goodies from home. I leave for the office by bus, and the commute overall isn’t too bad, though the experience depends on how severe the weather is. Tight spaces and terrible weather don’t set a positive tone for the day.

I get to the office at 8 on the dot, check my emails, and bother my manager with any questions or tasks he might have for me. I complete my tasks at hand and respond to any queries the team may have, ensuring I stay on top of any deliverables I need to complete. Shortly after, I have lunch, which provides me with the nourishment to complete the next half of the day – thanks, Hazel!

I would say my day gets more interesting as it progresses, but it quite often ends up being more of the same for the second half of the day until I find any excuse to make more coffee. What can I say? A day in the life of a finance gent may seem grey, but it’s more colorful thanks to the Boxwood team. You never know what exciting discussions Rob has planned for the team or what feedback he’s going to give you on your latest IRR per property.

Afterwards, it’s home time, and I almost feel sad to leave the office and the team – it’s so fun working with everyone. But I guess my family needs attention too.

To a day’s end! ~ William Jakobs

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