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[Father] noun, plural [fathers]:

A superhero without a cape, a master of dad jokes, and the ultimate problem-solver. A father is a beacon of love, an architect of dreams, and a cultivator of futures. More than a title, it’s a legacy of unwavering support, boundless courage, infinite patience, and the only one who can fix anything with duct tape.

On Father’s Day, we had the incredible opportunity to spotlight the amazing dads at Boxwood Property Fund. They shared their unique perspectives and experiences.


1. If you could have any superpower to help with your parenting duties, what would it be and why?
2. What’s the most unexpected lesson your children have taught you about life or work?
3. If you could design the ultimate dad-friendly workspace, what unique features would it include to make work-life balance easier?

Answers by Rob Kane, CEO:

1. For me, it would have to be the ability to slow down time. I guess that is quite a selfish superpower to ask for. My children are both adults now and right from their birth up to now, there have been so many moments and events that are so very tender and they hit you square in the heart. You just know that you have to treasure that moment because once it’s gone, it’s gone. All you have is that powerful memory. It’s those times that create such strong bonds and give parents the opportunity to guide and mentor their children. It’s tragic that something so precious is gone in a flash.

2. There is only now. If I was allowed another lesson, it would be that I have ‘fur’ in my nose.

3. Both my work colleagues and my children will snigger (and rightfully so) when I am asked to comment on how to have a work-life balance! I will be subject to ridicule from all of them, but here goes: I love going to work each day, so for me to be able to bring my work and life closer together would be fantastic. So… I’d love my children to live in the same house as me (but be independent), and work in the same office as me (in whatever career they chose), for us to have lunch together a couple of times a week; and to love the same recreational things as me. As I intimated above, my name and the word ‘balance’ are not often used in the same sentence!

Answers by Keenan Gurling, Leasing Manager:

1. The healing touch, so I have the ability to heal them when they are sick or in pain so I can take it all away.

2. To celebrate the small things in life, like my two-year-old would say, ‘I did it, good job.’

3. A nice play area for kiddies to come into work and enjoy themselves.

Answers by Fayaz Dhorat, Head of Finance:

1. Being Batman. He’s fit, operates on minimal sleep, and has cool gadgets (sure to keep the kids occupied!)

2. Anything is possible

3. An interactive holiday kids club

At Boxwood Property Fund, we cherish the diversity of experiences and perspectives that make us stronger. Here’s to all the fantastic dads who inspire us every day!

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