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Our CEO, Rob Kane is humbled to be part of “Lead with Heart,” a book by Amelia Beattie, head of Liberty Two Degrees. In his piece, Rob shares a powerful reminder: “None of us know when our sand will run out – so we’d best make the most of every day.”

“Lead with Heart” celebrates the wisdom and compassion of leaders from all walks of life, emphasizing that true leadership transcends titles and accolades. We are fortunate to have Rob guiding Boxwood Property Fund with such dedication and heart.

LEAD with HEART – this collection is a gift to you. Part of the beauty is the art created by the learners in the Sondela Art Programme of the Valued Citizens Initiative. Kindly consider making a donation to the education of the children by paying into the following link:

Explore the profound insights within these pages. 

To view Lead with Heart online:

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