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Boxwood Property Fund, a household name in real estate development in the Cape, is once again in the spotlight. This time, it’s not about buildings; it’s about their unwavering support for the South African rugby team, the Springboks.

In an innovative and patriotic move, Boxwood Property Fund has adorned four iconic properties with life-size mannequins dressed in Springbok gear. These eye-catching displays can be seen on The Box, The Felix, 14 Long, and Matrix buildings in the heart of our city.

Boxwood Property Fund, known for pushing boundaries in real estate, is now pushing boundaries in sport support. This initiative is more than just a publicity stunt; it’s a heartfelt show of solidarity as the Springboks prepare for the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals. The mannequins, dressed in green and gold, symbolize Boxwood’s belief in unity, teamwork, and national pride.

Boxwood Property Fund aims to inspire not just its tenants and clients, but the entire nation, to show their support. Their message is clear: “We back the Bokke, and we want the world to see it.”

The mannequins, strategically placed throughout Boxwood’s buildings, serve as a unifying symbol and a message of hope. This initiative reflects Boxwood Property Fund’s core values of innovation, community involvement, and patriotism. By going beyond bricks and mortar to support the Springboks, they are not only building structures, they are building a sense of belonging and pride in our beautiful country.

Join Boxwood Property Fund in cheering on the Springboks on their journey to Rugby World Cup glory. Follow the mannequins, share your photos, and let’s unite as a nation, showcasing that Boxwood Property Fund goes the extra mile in supporting our heroes.

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