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In celebration of Women’s month, we are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Amanda, a shining example of perseverance, growth, and achievement within the real estate industry. Her remarkable trajectory from a receptionist to a successful deal closer at Boxwood Property Fund showcases the incredible potential that women bring to the forefront of business. Join us in honoring Amanda’s journey as we recount her path from humble beginnings to a pivotal role within our team, and how she has risen to new heights in a competitive field.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, we are always inspired by individuals who rise to challenges, learn and grow. Amanda’s journey from humble beginnings in the Eastern Cape to her current role in the leasing team at Boxwood Property Fund is a testament to her determination, skill and passion. Let’s delve into Amanda’s inspiring journey, from starting out at reception to closing her first deal, and discover the valuable lessons she has to share.

A surprising shift: From Receptionist to Floor Host
Amanda’s journey at Boxwood began in October 2022 when she joined as a receptionist. Little did she know that her role would soon evolve into that of Floor Host for the building’s brand new shared workspace. This unexpected change sparked Amanda’s excitement as she embraced the prospect of managing the shared workspace, fostering a productive environment for tenants and engaging with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Fostering growth as a floor host
As Floor Host, Amanda’s responsibilities ranged from client engagement to ensuring the smooth running of the work environment. This role became an incubator for her personal and professional growth. She honed her interpersonal, organisational and multitasking skills while finding creative solutions to unexpected challenges. Amanda’s ability to communicate effectively with clients and adapt to different situations contributed to her continued upward trajectory.

From Floor Host to Leasing:  The Synergy of Skills
Amanda’s journey took another leap when she moved from Floor Host to Leasing. The skills she developed as a floor host – customer engagement, effective communication, problem solving and a genuine passion for leasing – set the stage for her success in this new role. Amanda’s ability to adapt and her unwavering commitment to excellence have driven her to excel in her role.

Overcoming challenges with resilience
As part of the Leasing team, Amanda faced challenges that tested her skills and perseverance. From dealing with diverse client needs to navigating negotiations and rejections, Amanda’s tailored solutions, open and professional communication, property knowledge and structured follow-up systems helped her overcome these hurdles. 

Closing the first deal: a milestone of achievement
Amanda’s journey reached a significant milestone when she successfully closed her first deal. This achievement reflected her ability to understand the client’s needs, arrange site visits, tailor solutions, negotiate agreeable terms, document accurate agreements and provide exceptional client communication. Her commitment to ongoing support ensured a smooth transition for the client, demonstrating her dedication to building lasting relationships.

Key qualities for success
Throughout her journey, Amanda attributes her success to key qualities such as communication, adaptability, customer understanding and perseverance. These qualities, combined with her drive to continually learn and improve, have taken her from her initial role as a receptionist to her current position in the Leasing team.

Think outside the box: Delivering tailored solutions
Amanda’s ingenuity shone through when she transformed a Zen room, designed as a quiet space for tenants to relax, into a creative office space for a client with unique requirements. This inventive solution not only impressed the client, but also secured the lease. Amanda’s ability to think creatively and deliver bespoke solutions is what sets her apart.

Balancing career and family: Strategies for Success
Balancing her role as a mother of twins with her career requires careful planning, prioritisation and support. Amanda establishes routines, prioritises tasks, remains flexible, practices self-care and maintains effective communication. She strives to find a harmonious balance that works for her family and her career. This balance allows her to pursue her ambitions while caring for her family.

Advice for aspiring property professionals
Amanda’s advice to those starting out in the property industry is to embrace every learning opportunity, build strong relationships, seek mentorship, keep abreast of industry trends and always go the extra mile. Dedication and continuous growth will pave the way for advancement in this dynamic field.

The Road Ahead: A Journey of Learning and Excellence
Looking ahead, Amanda’s career goals involve continuous growth and learning. Inspired by mentors who have supported her along the way, she has already embraced educational opportunities to further her expertise. By embracing continuous learning and insight from seasoned professionals, Amanda aims to excel in the complex world of property.

Amanda’s journey is a testament to her perseverance, adaptability and dedication. Her story reminds us that with passion, resilience and continuous growth, we can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success in the world of property.

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