Boxwood Property Fund provides seed funding for selected local entrepreneurs within our buildings. One example is the support provided to an entrepreneur to establish a carwash, for which we provided equipment and marketing material. The entrepreneur is now a successful small business owner with three employees that supports six family members.

Our rooftops provide a platform for a micro herb entrepreneur who cultivates sustainable produce to the benefit of local retailers in the CBD. This positively influences the landscape of the CBD due to the lack of agricultural spaces, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint ordinarily associated with the transportation of produce. Their greenhouse was constructed using materials reconstituted from our buildings and we provided the space at no cost.

Boxwood Property Fund, also employs local artists to work on our property portfolio, projects range from multi-story murals to quirky art installations.

In addition, we've held several competitions for local interior design students to integrate them into the profession and give them exposure to real-life projects. 



Management is involved in business mentorship at various levels. 15% of management time is allocated to pro bono non-profit organisation (NPO) advisory roles. Most notably, our CEO is the Chairman of the City Improvement District which has created 623 jobs since its inception, including 300 for formerly homeless people. 


Redevelopment projects often involve stripping carpets, lighting, sanitaryware and M&E items. All items are carefully removed and donated to creches and other deserving social organisations. 

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