Boxwood Property Fund offers seed funding for selected local entrepreneurs within our buildings. One example is the assistance provided to an entrepreneur in opening a car wash. Serge Rainwater Car Wash was established and is situated at Picbel Parkard. 

At Serge Rainwater Car Wash, you are provided with professional cleaning services to industry leaders and the public and with every service offered they utilize the best products and equipment on the market.

At Serge Rainwater Car Wash, you have the choice to have your car washed at Serge Car Wash or the convenience of him washing your car in your parking space.

The manager who will greet you with a smile and commitment to great service is Serge and can be contacted on 071 801 0266.


Management is involved in business mentorship at various levels. 15% of management time is allocated to pro bono non-profit organisation (NPO) advisory roles. Most notably, our CEO is the Chairman of the City Improvement District which has created 623 jobs since its inception, including 300 for formerly homeless people. 


Redevelopment projects often involve stripping carpets, lighting, sanitaryware and M&E items. All items are carefully removed and donated to creches and other deserving social organisations. 

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