Boxwood is an independently owned, BEE boutique asset manager with a focus on the redevelopment of commercial buildings and a passion for Cape Town. While we are a relatively new company, we are founded on over 30 years in the industry.

Our founders, Rob Kane (ex-CEO of VPIF Limited and Texton Limited) and John Oliphant (ex-Principal Executive Officer of GEPF) have a proven track record in the listed and unlisted space and are well respectedin the industry.

In the last 18 months we have invested R1 billion into the CBD in the knowledge that it is strong, vibrant and poised to excel. Our sites are all located in strong nodes, with excellent fundamentals and redevelopment potential.

Our approach is one of hands on tenant engagement to create clever and inspiring office space that will remain relevant to our fast-changing needs.  


We address sustainability in three main areas of the business – building, tenants and management.

We put tremendous effort into ‘future proofing’ our buildings. We start by achieving a 4-star Green rating for each of them and upgrading them with sustainable materials to attract quality tenants.

However, our approach to sustainability goes much deeper than that. We conduct a detailed financial and operational due diligence on each tenant that comes into our buildings to ensure that they can honour their obligations and see out the term of their lease.


We work hard at lowering our tenants’ ‘total cost of occupancy’. This not only encompasses low energy light fittings, motion detectors, grey water systems and the like, but also offering common facilities like shared meeting rooms so tenants need to rent less space from us.

Sustainability is a key driver for us as management. Our aim is to build Boxwood into a strong, sustainable transformation vehicle that will run for many years. The business has bedded down well and is growing. The choice was open to us to employ older, more experienced property professionals or to follow a more long-term, sustainable and transformation agenda. Transformation is a primary goal for Boxwood and we will train our people to be industry leaders. 

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